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For those of you who weren't members of the private forums, Chad has some major, major medical issues toward the end of his life. The short version is that he woke up seizing and learned that he had an arachnoid cyst in his brain. During this time, he was out on disability long enough (for bronchial infections and I've always wondering if it was somehow related to his work in Iraq...) that he lost all benefits including medical. I'm not sure if he ever had the surgery to remove the cyst but he did not want to do so until he had some financial security since he was left unemployed. He also had some personal issues going on but I will not share those here.

Many of us tried to reach him, unsuccessfully, many times. One person sent him a check that was received but after three weeks had not been cashed. I cannot remember hearing that it was cashed but he my point is that he knew many of us cared deeply and we were unable to reach him.

LW and I posted pics of the corkscrews he picked up in Argentina for us. He had left his motel and bought a bottle of wine and started a thread in GNG about he was uncertain if he could bring himself to use the only corkscrew he could find. usmcsilver (I can't remember his exact user name now) fell in love with the corkscrew Chad posted it and even asked for it. He wound up sending that one to Sterling and picked up an assortment of other styles for the rest of us who had also wanted it. Since I got that corkscrew, I've never not thought of Chad when I opened a bottle of wine...
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