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My stolen Tablet has contacted me

I posted a few pictures here and on a local forum in an attempt to recover my stolen property and to put the criminals who burglarized my house behind bars. The story is 100% accurate and authentic. However, when it was first posted it was to help figure out who stole my belongings and to hopefully solve other similar crimes in my area. After several calls to the police I didn't feel like they were doing anything and wouldn't even call me back. That has since changed and the case is actively being pursued. This thread however, has now turned into a mob scene and serves no useful purpose. People are posting links all over the web aimed at this thread and when I look at many of the comments posted here and worldwide all I can think is that it is a sad commentary on us all.

The facts are:
  • Our house was burglarized
  • Thousands of dollars worth of electronics, jewelry and firearms were stolen.
  • The Toshiba Thrive that I used to surf the web was taken and is now in the hands of the two individuals pictured. It is mine as are the contents of the device. They are sending the pictures to an unfiltered, open file storage folder and anyone with a knowledge of Dropbox can figure out how to get to them. In fact, there are pictures out there now that people have pulled from the folder. I have not changed the setting so as to ensure that the tablet keeps transmitting until it can be lawfully recovered.
  • I have no idea if the individuals pictured stole the tablet or purchased stolen property but the fact is, it is my computer, it is in their hands and it is stolen property.
  • The Toshiba Thrive has a long crack the entire length of the screen.
  • I would love to recover some of the guns that were taken from me as they were passed down from my grandfather and father and finding these people may assist in that endeavor.
  • I cannot control what the rest of the internet wishes to do with the pictures.
  • I have been emailed and PM'd by some pretty sick people asking some pretty raunchy questions and have just deleted them and moved on.
  • I asked the mods on here to close the thread 24 hours ago but did not receive a response.

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