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Some people post about "the company screwing the workers" as an "evil of capitalism." They are wrong.

The whole point of free-market capitalism is that both parties - company and employee - are free to make the best bargain with what they have to offer and they are free to walk away if they are not satisfied. If the company is screwing the workers, capitalism has a built-in, self-regulating solution - they are free to walk away and find other jobs with a better company. The company that offers the conditions needed to get the labor it needs, will win the competiution - the company that does not, is out of business.

If they are willing to work for the pay and conditions that get, then the employees are setting the standard. If the company cannot get enough employees of high enough quality to work in their conditions, they have to make improvements until they can.

The problem the employees have is that they often think they are worth more than any company thinks they are worth, but there is no shortage of sufficient labor that is willing to do the employer's job for less, so there is no reason for the employer to pay what the employee "thinks" he is worth - only what the market says he is worth.

This is where the union comes in - this is not a debatable theory or an opinion or something the unions deny; even the unions know they do 1 thing - 1 single function - they create an artificial labor shortage where there isn't a natural labor shortage, by controlling the supply of labor. The union controls the labor supply and creates this shortage to inflate wages above what they would be if everybody was free to contract as they choose.

There is no version where that is right. There is also no version where every artificial gain the union members make isn't at the expense of everyone else.
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