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Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
I'm fairly certain that I have more Smithies than the Pony. I need to do a count.

I'm a Smith&Wesson wheelgun man too. However, one can't be a revolver enthusiast and leave out Colt.

It's my experience that while SW has better mechanism, the Colt has better ergonomics and shootability. The fixed sights on the Colt revolvers were much better defined and easier to pick up and align than the SW counterparts. Also, it seems like the Colt points better when shooting single-handedly too.
I agree that you can't be a revolver fan without owning both brands which is why I picked up a few Colts. I just picked up a Colt book to go along with the S&W Reference book. I don't think the Colt book is as good as the S&W book, but it is helpful.

These days I am picking up Colts since there aren't too many S&Ws that I want that I don't have. Pythons, Trooper IIIs, Police Positive, Office Police, and SAA. All really nice guns.

From my experience (limited with the Colts), S&W will be more reliable and can take last longer without maintenance (more Colts seems to be out of time than S&W). S&W has better double action while Colt is better for single action for the most part. Never had a problem with either brand's fixed sights though.
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