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Originally Posted by Vultite View Post
as far as I can tell, yes. I've checked all the markings with what I've been able to find in books and it all checks out. Pretty fortunate, because I understand some or many of the guns from Ithaca during that time were mismatch guns (some had Colt frames ect.). A real dead giveaway with an Ithaca is how rough the machining is. It's pretty rough compared to a Remington-Rand, but I really like it.
Most of the guns that came back from the war and went through active duty service usually would receive some sort of service/maintenance at the depot level where all the worn parts got swapped about. Still 100% GI, but not 100% stock.

I am green with envy!!!

I knew a dude who took his grandfather's WWII US Navy M1911A1 and "tacticalized" it. That was a crime against America!!!
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