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Originally Posted by 20SFLV View Post
Nice collection. I am also like you, someone who really appreciates revolvers...the older the better. Most of my collection are S&Ws, but I have started picking up some Colts. If I had to sell my guns, the semis would be the first to go.
I'm fairly certain that I have more Smithies than the Pony. I need to do a count.

I'm a Smith&Wesson wheelgun man too. However, one can't be a revolver enthusiast and leave out Colt.

It's my experience that while SW has better mechanism, the Colt has better ergonomics and shootability. The fixed sights on the Colt revolvers were much better defined and easier to pick up and align than the SW counterparts. Also, it seems like the Colt points better when shooting single-handedly too.
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