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Originally Posted by mjkeat View Post
I have a lot of experience behind red dot sights and both eyes open shooting. Cheek weld allows for quick indexing allowing for repeatable performance. When I roll that weapon up from the ready position into the cheek the dot will be on whatever it is that I am looking at. No guess work.

I too am a combt vet who used a RDS then and now.

There are different styles of shooting that don't use cheek weld but they are alternatives dictated by environment. The first that comes to mind is SBU. It is used to get as low as possible or to use certain types of cover. SBU Prone is great.

I thank you for your service.
I have to agree with this. I don't shoot without a cheek weld so I can't compare. Cheek weld isn't really about paralax issues to me, it's about repeatable technique. Everything falls into place, nice and snug, time after time in the same place... it becomes familiar. The only thing left is to press the trigger when the dot begins to flash on the target, the consistent feel let's you know right before it happens. Hard to explain but it's an opinion none-the-less.
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