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Originally Posted by eb07 View Post
Why are there no man with a book calls?
Most people wouldn't recognize a book when they see it anymore. It would be a "Man with a vaguely familiar looking object" call.

The thing is, I'm betting that police operate under what the capabilities are rather than the intentions. That's because its hard to gauge intentions at a glance. You have a weapon, its has the capability of being a threat, and due caution will be exercised until they have enough interaction to gauge intentions. You're not looked at as a criminal. You're looked at as a potential threat, a man with a gun call came in by someone concerned (justified or usually not), and has to be checked out.

Criminals tend to be evasive, belligerent, etc. So when an OCer gets his dander up and starts acting like that, it raises red flags. They ARE in fact obstructing, and uncooperative, although that may be justified in their eyes "defending their rights", and may be perfectly legal. While that may be true, it still makes them look like the kind of duck the cops deal with a lot, and the cop will lean toward treating them like that kind of duck.

Perhaps the OCer has an image of "cops" in general and responds to that stereotype, rather than treating this particular cop as an individual, even as he himself rails against being stereotyped and not treated as an individual worth the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.


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