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What I see from the union sympathizers is JEALOUSY, plain and simple. They can't stand to see someone in the company making so much money while they make so little, and then cry to the union about "fairness".

Hey union guys, improve your work skillsets and education. If you don't, don't cry about the mentality of the owners and stockholders "hogging" all the money. If you can't beat them, join them, it works in this particular paradigm.

The companies do not owe anyone a "living wage", they are created to make money for the owners. If you don't like working for someone, don't, but don't insist they pay you what you're not entitled to or haven't worked for.

I'm a seriously non union guy working in an "at will" status state. I can tell you, there is nothing more satisfying than watching a slacker get told to kick rocks and handed their last check and not having a union come in and demand they get their job back.

I work hard for my company, have for the last 4 years I've been there, and now, I'm getting noticed more and more for what I do, how much money I save in man hours, equip. rentals, etc..

My jobs get noticed and get us even more work because they are professionally done, well managed, with little to no interruption of service for our clients. I expect to be even more compensated over the pay of my peers simply because of what I do. That will never, ever happen in a union, I just wouldn't be motivated to do so if I knew there wouldn't be additional pay for my alacrity.

And the beauty of this is, if at any time I feel that I'm not compensated well enough for the work I do, I'm free to move on to another company that will pay me what I think I'm worth, and what they feel is the best deal for them.

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