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Originally Posted by Adjuster View Post
I dislike unions myself but I think I understand their position. If the union caved in and accepted the not agreed to pay cut then every company in the future in the same type of situation will simply threaten to close the doors and shut down unless the union accepts the offer.

The Doors are shut are they not , the Commies are in full control and this is just the Beginning.

God forbid they take a paycut with 23% unemployment in the US.

So what they take a pay cut down the Road when the Country recovers, the Union can demand a raise.
They still had the right to strike.
The Company not making money, now they are pawns in the Govt. Hands.

Unions have outlived their usefulness except for Communism and they never got a Job for me.
Helped me keep one or a pension.

But they like many delegates probably collected 2 salaries and pensions.
it is a red herring who owned what , did what said this or that.

Men work or not. Taxes are paid or not and now the Pie shrinks , No one will wake up till the food and tv run out.

Good Luck ,God Bless all., Time for another Glock 10mm
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