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Originally Posted by ithaca_deerslayer View Post
Dare I ask for the Colt revolver list? And then the Colt AR's?

You got more horsepower in your safe than a Ford Mustang
Colt wheelguns:

M1917, stag grip
Python, blued, 6" barrel
Python, blued, 4" barrel
Python, nickel plated 6" barrel
Trooper MkIII 6" barrel
Detective Special, blued, long grip frame
Detective Special, blued, shrouded ejector rod
Cobra, blued, shrouded ejector rod
Agent, parkerized, shrouded ejector rod
Detective Special II, SS, shrouded ejector rod
Officer's Model Special
Officer's Model Target
Police Positive, 3" barrel
Commando/Official Police frankenstein

I'm not an AR fan, so I only have two for nostalgia:

SP1 because it reminded me of the M16 I was issued in Basic Training.

HBAR with the bayonet lug and detachable carrying handle. It's the closest to an M16A2 that I was issued later on.
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