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Originally Posted by Arc Angel View Post

1) Show me where the Mayans ever laid claim to holding onto the only religious truths? I don't know of any. Neither did I compare Noah to the Mayans - You did!

2) As for, 'sociology'? I don't know; but I'll just bet there are many sociologists in this world who haven't the slightest idea what's actually going on or where the interactive nations of mankind are actually headed?

3) I studied a little sociology while I was in school; (Most pre-theological students do.) and, in my experience, sociology is a lot like newspaper reporting: Hindsight, retrospective examination, and after-the-fact analysis tend to produce the most accurate conclusions while correct interpretations of current events and social trends tend to remain elusive.

4) Very few things in life are cut out in clear patterns of black and white. In your case I think you'd do well to consider, 'various shades of gray'. Good luck! I hope you're able to expand those mental horizons, Brother.
Originally Posted by Arc Angel View Post
: You remind me of the men who laughed at Noah while he was building the ark. goodness but how a person who has no intellect wants to sound as if they are at the top of the mount when pricked. I shall have to defer to ya for such thoughts. They're rather ah...... foreign to me.

1) I didn't compare the Mayans to Noah either ya knothead............I cconveyed that your comparison was about as meaningful as chewed bubble in the comparison means nothing. As you see after some further contemplation I notice.

2) I've re-read that paragraph a few times now.......and sad to say, it's as nonsensical now as it was the first time. You depend on your bets to grasp what's going on in the world, you think no one else can either.....just because you can't? Way to be deep in the culture of cool there Bubba.

3) Well which is it? Do you not know about sociology or do ya? Does your knowledge consist of guesses, bets. or actual education? Sorry, but with what you convey it's a bit difficult to tell.

4) Of course many things are in clear cut shades of black and's the person who's usually unable to decipher those that are and those that aren't. People who simply can't find it within themselves to understand/admit/acknowledge......... what they can't understand, don't want to admit, and don't want others to know are in the biggest group here.

Me thinks you are quite comfortable in your delusions, and far be it from me to burst your bubble around the holidays my friend.

Go find a nice turkey to lambaste, eh? Who knows, maybe ya'll will find common ground to peck at?
If Men Won't Even Obey Their Govt.......What Makes Anyone Believe They Will Obey Their God?

Men Seem To Think Their God Is Like Their Govt.......He Is Supposed To Give Them Things, Not Ask Anything Of them.

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