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Originally Posted by GreenDrake View Post
Ahhh the arrogance of "the chosen". Always good to have you around, Arc. Have a wonderful Turkey day.
GD, I'm surprised at you for saying that! You, of all people, should know that God, and not men, actually does the choosing. If I am, in fact, 'chosen' then you would do well to either flatter or avoid me. On the other hand, if I am, 'chosen' - as you insinuate - 'by my own election' then I will fail the ultimate test of all prophets; and my words will not come true!

So, once again, I say to you; 'Wait, before you open your mouth!' At the present time it's still too soon for anyone who's not gifted with either considerable familiarity with the phenomenon, or any particular prescience, to accurately determine the social outcome of those events which are about to dawn on mankind.

Right now you're behaving like just another obtuse and worldly scoffer. I got 'a tell you: If the situation were reversed, know what, I wouldn't have said a word to you - Not a single word.

Instead, I'd have filed the information away, somewhere, in the back of my head for future reference. (Really, and that's what you should have done, too!)
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