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Originally Posted by Carrys View Post
Ya know, anyone who can understand sociology and our society knows the "changes" that are upon us. Doesn't take one who believes they are channeling some Mayan muckity muck to say they alone understand things.

As far as comparing the Mayan supposed event....... to God talking to really are digging deep for your lifestyle/belief validation aren't ya my man? Just where does God speak of such an event, eh?

It's ok (SIC) if you get off on the whole story, many do. IMO, it's simply those who want to die but are afraid to do it themselves......they would rather let some Mayan whoie (SIC) who do it for 'em. Of course they hate God because he asks too much of them to be a follower....just like most appear to think.

It takes work to be a Christian, more work than most folks want to do. They all seem to think God is like the Govt (SIC) and is supposed to give them things instead of ask anything of them. I figure if they won't even obey our govt (SIC) .........God is out of the question for them.
You know I didn't expect this topic to be contentious; but, ......

While I respect your Christian sensibilities and have no wish to offend them anymore than need be, your reply is loaded with illogical non-sequiturs that ramble all over the place. Show me where the Mayans ever laid claim to holding onto the only religious truths? I don't know of any. Neither did I compare Noah to the Mayans - You did!

As for, 'sociology'? I don't know; but I'll just bet there are many sociologists in this world who haven't the slightest idea what's actually going on or where the interactive nations of mankind are actually headed?

I studied a little sociology while I was in school; (Most pre-theological students do.) and, in my experience, sociology is a lot like newspaper reporting: Hindsight, retrospective examination, and after-the-fact analysis tend to produce the most accurate conclusions while correct interpretations of current events and social trends tend to remain elusive.

No offense, but from one Christian to another, you seem badly confused. You might want to give this whole thing a lot more thought. Very few things in life are cut out in clear patterns of black and white. In your case I think you'd do well to consider, 'various shades of gray'. Good luck! I hope you're able to finally see your way clear of that badly confused mental fog you’re, so obviously, wandering around in.

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