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[QUOTE=Arc Angel;19657433 Rather than the end of anything, dark and evil times are going to be upon us.

The sun IS GOING TO COME UP on the morning of December 22nd. Everything is going to appear to be the same; however, in a short time we're, all, going to slowly begin to realize that our lives have irrevocably changed, AND not for the better.

Ya know, anyone who can understand sociology and our society knows the "changes" that are upon us. Doesn't take one who believes they are channeling some Mayan muckity muck to say they alone understand things.

As far as comparing the Mayan supposed event....... to God talking to really are digging deep for your lifestyle/belief validation aren't ya my man? Just where does God speak of such an event, eh?

It's ok if you get off on the whole story, many do. IMO, it's simply those who want to die but are afraid to do it themselves......they would rather let some Mayan whoie who do it for 'em. Of course they hate God because he asks too much of them to be a follower....just like most appear to think.

It takes work to be a Christian, more work than most folks want to do. They all seem to think God is like the Govt and is supposed to give them things instead of ask anything of them. I figure if they won't even obey our govt.........God is out of the question for them.
If Men Won't Even Obey Their Govt.......What Makes Anyone Believe They Will Obey Their God?

Men Seem To Think Their God Is Like Their Govt.......He Is Supposed To Give Them Things, Not Ask Anything Of them.
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