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What's wrong with some of you guys?

First, it's NOT, 'the end of the world'. It's a change in the, 'psycho-spiritual cycles of time'. In short: Mankind, as a whole, is going to go from bad to worse. Rather than the end of anything, dark and evil times are going to be upon us. Don't believe me? Well, ....... look who just got reelected. Need I say more!

By the way, the discovery of another Mayan calendar changes nothing; and the Mayans DID KNOW exactly what was going to happen to their civilization. They were doomed; and they knew it. Too bad the rest of us have, yet, to figure things out for ourselves.

THE SUN IS GOING TO RISE ON THE MORNING OF DECEMBER 22ND. Everything is going to appear to be the same; however, in a short time we're, all, going to slowly begin to realize that our lives have irrevocably changed, AND not for the better.

You guys are trifling with subtle dark realities of, both, material and ethereal being that you don't even begin to understand. You remind me of the men who laughed at Noah while he was building the ark.

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