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Originally Posted by FishyOne View Post
Yes it is. If you're defending yourself against grizzly bears it would be a great choice.

For anti-personnel use? I'll take a .45acp.

I ain't LE or military, but I have drawn a gun with the expectation of shooting someone in self defense. Believe me, when you're there, you always wish you had more gun. I almost exclusively carry .45 auto, by the way...

Originally Posted by nicovg View Post
Hi guys, it is not about caliber. Of course the size of the hole matters. What matters more is the first rule in any gunfight: have a gun! I have a Ruger Super Redhawk in 44Mag. Will surely make a mess of any attacker, but it resides in my safe, it is too big to carry. My Glock 19 sits on the hip, sleeps under my pillow. Which means I have a gun!
I have experience of what a 9mm can do in the hands of a skilled person. Use what you are comfortable with, the rest is bull****.
Any gun, more than an armslength away when the sh... hits he fan, is of no use, no matter the size the of the bullet.
Well, if it's under the pillow when you're sleeping, you ain't exactly carrying it, are you? I understand the Redhawk won't be as comfortable to rest your head on, but you might consider putting in on the night stand.
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