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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
So for melee weapons to stockpile, I'm going with Bastard Sword...with magical enchantment.
Be sure to get a flaming sword so you can start your camp fire with it. Or would a frost weapon be better for keeping meat from spoiling? Decisions, decisions.

D&D would be so handy for a survivalist. Got a sucking chest wound, no Doctor around? Don't worry, just drink a potion.

It is funny how overpowered most video games make a guy with a knife.

The game is filled to its gunwales with shooter ridiculousness. The most terrifying enemy in the game, for instance, is a guy with a knife. He runs at you, with his knife, across a battlefield whistling with small-arms fire. Your squad mates will alert you to the knife guy's presence, which is never not hilarious. Everyone's got automatic weapons and the dude with a knife is the single most terrifying enemy onscreen.
Guys! Guys! He's down! Stop kicking him! If he shows up on another thread, Tasers are indicated, but for now, let him slink off into the shadows to lick his wounds and ponder how deeply cool and misunderstood he is!
Hoot nred Mrs. Vr.

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