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Originally Posted by RedsoxFan4Lyfe View Post
My buddies who served in Iraq both shot men with their M9 pistols with FMJ ammo. No HP ammo, just FMJ and both men went down and stopped what they were doing and never moved again. Shot placement is everything.
I have to suspect that a lot of the people who are so much of a zealot of one caliber over another have not actually been put in a situation where they had to defend themselves. I've been in that situation.

Many years ago, when I was *much* younger, I shot two guys with a Beretta .22LR who wanted to "share the (my) wealth" and they stopped what they were doing... Or at least it slowed them down enough that I could outrun them... I didn't bother wasting time looking behind me as I was running... I later found out that I had accomplished nothing more than flesh wounds, but apparently it was enough... On the other hand, I was once shot with a .38 and I didn't even notice it in the excitement of the moment...

It all boils down to shot placement and the determination of both parties... In the first incident, my shot placement was crap and their determination was low... In the second incident, his shot placement was crap and my determination (to not get shot) was rather high...

I wasn't any sort of badass, just someone who was minding my own business, but in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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