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I totally agree with the concept behind this thread even if I am late to the game. I have been trying to fill 2 $35,000 a year no experience needed we will train you positions for months now and I can't find anyone worth a second look. All I ask for is common sense, self motivation, and the ability to learn. Some of my recent winners are:

Me: so do you have any questions for me?
Applicant: My wife did not give me any to ask

Me: So are you interested in the position I discribed
A: it sounts like too much work to me
(It is a desk job)

Me: What are you looking for in a job
A: To sit back and collect a paycheck

Me: Tell me about (ring)
A: Hello (answers her phone)

I really think companies used the economy as a cover to cut dead weght. Not everyone out there is horrible, just most of them.

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