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Originally Posted by WilliamDahl View Post
But the advantage of the .45 win mag (or the .460 Rowland for that matter) is that you can still supposedly shoot the .45ACP rounds in them.

Just like with the 10mm -- you don't have to shoot full power loads, you can shoot the 10mm-lite "FBI loads" that they created for their female agents (which eventually was made into the .40SW caliber).

Hell, I've got .357mag loads that I periodically shoot for pests (armadillos, 'possums, etc) that are 158 gr LRN at 400 fps max. Very quiet, doesn't wake the neighbors, no ear protection needed... Just because you have a magnum caliber (and I'm including the 10mm in this category), it doesn't mean that you *have* to shoot full power loads. Sometimes, the task at hand can be perfectly handled by a light load.
Imagine the velocity that the .45 WinMag would get with a 185gr JHP. 1500FPS? 1600?
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