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Originally Posted by SCmasterblaster View Post
Really. How much expansion is needed when the bullet is already at .452 inches? The 9mm strives hard to expand to .45 caliber.
More expansion is nice but the diff really is getting a bullet to crush tissue & not just push it aside. Given that RNFMJ are like making small, semi sealing puncture wounds, I would take a 9mm that only expands to 45 cal vs a 45 RNFMJ. The perm wound will be larger, damage more tissue, greater/faster blood loss, quicker end to the fight.
"Given adequate penetration, a larger diameter bullet will have an edge in wounding effectiveness. It will damage a blood vessel the smaller projectile barely misses. The larger permanent cavity may lead to faster blood loss. Although such an edge clearly exists, its significance cannot be quantified".

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