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Originally Posted by hoghunter82 View Post
fnf- what are your thoughts on the Colt Defender? I keep getting the itch on that particular gun but have avoided scratching it. Can't find a lot of folks who own one so I'd love to hear your opinion, assuming you've shot it yet. Thanks
I'm traveling right now so I'm not going to be able to shoot any of the new toys until probably early December. However from what I've seen and read about, the 9mm works well in the Colt compact pistols unlike other brands.

I replaced the ghastly Hogue rubber grip with some Hogue checkered wooden grips and it feels 100% better in my hands. The aluminum frame does cut the weight down when compared to my Officer's ACP. The 3" vs 3.5" barrel of the Officer's ACP really didn't make that much of a difference.

I noticed that the muzzle of the Defender was rounded off for better holstering (probably more for looks than anything). The Novak sights are nice, the action seems pretty slick.

I'll post range reviews on these toys when I get back home.

Overall, it seems to be a well made piece like all the current Colts.

Originally Posted by ithaca_deerslayer View Post
Cool stuff.

Someone has a Colt fetish Come on, show your whole collection.
It's a spill over from last year's 100th anniversary of the M1911 model, and I got carried away. I'm not really a Colt fan unless it's revolvers, but to answer your question, other than these ones that I've post I also have:

Colt Gunsite Service Pistol, blued Delta Elite, another blued .38 Super Government Model (maybe it's me but these guns are just better shooters than the other Colts), .38 Super El Centauro (bright polished SS Government Model), 9mm satin nickel Combat Commander (early 1970s), MkIV/Series 70 .45ACP (another sweet ass shooter), XSE Lightweight Commander in .45ACP, SS Gold Cup National Match circa 1993, Talo Edition CCO.

I think that's it for Colt M1911s.

I had a Springfield Armory GI and an ATI Commander that I gave to my best friend and his wife.

I had a SW Gunsite that I traded away.
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