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Originally Posted by mjkeat View Post
Cheek weld is a mechanical thing. When you snap your carbine up cheek helps w/ consistancy. It takes the guess work out of where that dot will be. It puts the dot right where it needs to be. W/ nothing to index against you're just guessing which costs time.
I disagree with you and I apologize for loading the link improperly so you could check this link out. In the link, the soldier talks about learning to shoot different with the red dot: "...if you can see a red dot, and the red dot is on your target, the bullet will hit the target. No aligning sights. No sharp front sight and blurry target. No critical cheek weld. Here is how it’s done:

With the weapon on safe at the ready, identify and focus on a target. Keeping both eyes open, bring the weapon up to the firing position. As the sight comes up in front of the eyes, a red dot will appear in front of the eyes. When the red dot reaches the point of aim, switch to fire and engage the target. Both eyes remain open and the focus never moves from the target."
I don't have a ton of experience with my new setup but I'm 40, grew up hunting quail, turkey and whitetail, I'm a combat vet and I was all about some cheek weld until, I took my underfolder with Aimpoint Comp M to the range a few times. I like that without a critical cheek weld My face isn't getting jarred so it's easier for me to stay on target. There is no guess work. If you see the red dot on your target you pull the trigger. It seems to work.

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