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Originally Posted by sawgrass View Post
Maybe the revolver can go live with it's brothers and sisters if she can squeeze another one in somewhere.
Then you don't have to deal with it at all.

I have a story to tell you............

It was very cool and I sure hope that it helps him with some of what he is dealing with. He is a fine young man.
Without going into other's private details, it won't be possible for that gun to join the others. I'll have to find another solution here. I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

That's really cool that a song brought back something he needed to remember. I hope he can deal with the memories.

Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post
I'm guessing about the size of a howitzer.

My back is doing really well. Unfortunately, my front is growing since I haven't been able to exercise and I stress eat.

The PT was mostly an evaluation session. He just showed me three simple exercises to do before I get out of bed every morning, and then put ice on my back. I am going back today to really get started. I haven't given him the "terrorist" label yet.

Mrs. Bob finished up her PT sessions yesterday. She's doing really good, but she is still using a cane in unfamiliar territory. She's been having trouble with her knees so the dr injected them yesterday.

What bothers you the most about the guns? Is it fear because you had one used on you, or fear you might use it? What is upsetting you? (You know I'm not criticizing you for this)
Glad your back and Mrs Bob are both doing well. Tell her not to step in anymore holes!

It's a 357 with a 2" barrel. S&W 686. As for which bothers me, I'd say both. When I first picked it up I was remembering what happened in a vivid way, beyond my normal memory. To the point I was shaking and crying, just like when I handled a .22 at Jeff's house a couple years ago. That thought of using it is there, sometimes that scares me, other times it's a relief.

Originally Posted by Lady Glock View Post
Had the home nurse come by yesterday and took off the bandages. It's a terrible sight, very ugly. It hurts................

I have an appointment with my surgeon on the 27th...hoping he will release me to drive so I can start work on December 3rd!
I didn't get much relief from Robaxin, either.What dose of Oxy are you on? Do you still have Ranger's walker? Can you use that?

I hope you get the dinner and other issues worked out. Maybe Ranger can figure something out for you to eat. my friend, and prayers for you.

I'm now in the Tucson area visiting family. I'll be here a couple days, then off to Dallas for an overnight and a meeting with a certain GT'er and the Mrs. Yes, you can say who you are if you want to. I had great fun in PHX with Zonny and B. Somm, and got a memorable quote from Zonny. We were going to meet B at a restaurant we'd never been to. We got into the shopping center, but couldn't find it. Zonny called B, "Lone_Wolfe is on drugs and I'm over 50, and were lost!".

Yes, we did find the place, and had a good time with B.
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