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Originally Posted by arthury View Post
The 8th Ed Hornady manual seem to be very fond of Alliant Blue Dot for its ability to excel in high velocity. That's what I am going to try next in terms of powder.
On glancing through the loading manuals, Blue Dot is usable to load my other high velocity cartridges, like 357 mag & 44 mag.
I'm a big BD fan, for a number of reasons. However, there is a downside for some loads. Some years ago, Alliant/Hercules issued a warning to NOT use Blue Dot, in any volume, for .357 Mag 125 gr. bullets, and ANY .41 Mag loads. Before the warning, I used BD almost exclusively for .41M's. They didn't specify the reasons for the warning (other than excessive pressure possibilities), but some bad things must have happened. I stopped using it for the specified loads, but still use it for many others, including 10mm and .357M (non 125's). It also works very well for long barrel (16") .40 S&W.
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