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Originally Posted by Kentguy View Post

Outside of faking your own death... All you can do is jump off the grid as best you can, but your never completely invisible.

Big Brother is always watching...
Certainly have no intention of dropping out of society. I like my life as it is.

In reading the responses and doing some research, there seems to be a sub culture of people who live on the fringes of society. Homeless/transients are among them. Certainly illegal aliens are among them although some get false ID to manipulate the system. I know there are people in the south west US that live out in the desert in RVs, shacks, tents etc. Not to mention hippie communes.

The system however seems to be set up so that you are dependent on it. They make sure from cradle to grave that you participate in it. It is virtually impossible not to. Even the most remote place in the country has at the very least a county government set up to look after the people in it.

I would guess that "not existing" on paper is not realistic. Existing below the radar (not making enough money to pay taxes, or have a bank account for example) or existing at a level where the govt doesn't care you exist might be more doable (though not very desirable).
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