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Originally Posted by bocaboca View Post
You should check into the law....Virginia might be one of the few states that require the ticket to be served personally...if its mailed or tacked to your door it might not be valid.
this is c/p from a National Motorist Blog:
Thus, under Virginia’s red light camera statute as it is now worded, the mere mailing of a citation without personal service by a law enforcement officer does not constitute sufficient notice under the statute’s own terms. While the statute permits the jurisdiction to make the initial attempt to summon the accused to court via mail, if that person fails to respond, he or she is not considered to have been satisfactorily served with notice.

Bottom Line: Do a little just might save you some $$.
You did some research, and quoted some of it above. I am completely confused........what are end are you getting at? Do you imagine there's some technicality that I can use to my advantage to not pay the ticket?

I ran a red light, it's not in dispute. I've seen the video, it's on-line, there's no denying it. I'm just trying to figure out if I'm going to get points.
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