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Originally Posted by Lone_Wolfe View Post
Lady Glock, how's your back doing? Same question for you, Bob and Magnus. Bob, how did therapy go?
Had the home nurse come by yesterday and took off the bandages. It's a terrible sight, very ugly. It hurts...they have me on oxycodone and Robaxin. The Robaxin is for the spasms I have in my right leg, but it isn't working very well. They also have me on valium for the same reason, but I'm suppose to give the robaxin time to work before giving up on it and going to the I'm being a bad kid and taking the robaxin, then a few hours later taking the valium to get relief. Then taking the robaxin on schedule again.

The therapist was here too...watched me walk, said he thought I would be better using a walker than a cane...but will let me continue with the cane for now. I'm still using the cane I borrow from Ranger.

Been blessed a few days of having someone bring dinner to us, but doesn't seem like that will be the case today. I am homebound, can't drive to get groceries and no funds to order I'm at odds on how to manage the dinner considering the lack of ingredients and the extreme pain I feel.

I have an appointment with my surgeon on the 27th...hoping he will release me to drive so I can start work on December 3rd!
This is ok, right? I'm not breaking any rules or making anyone mad at me for this comment, Right?

Trust in God...Everyone else keep your hands where I can see them!
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