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Originally Posted by SCmasterblaster View Post
I have often wondered what deer hunters do to take deer without too much meat damage. Is most of the meat far away from the heart-lung wound channel?
If a deer is standing broadside to you, shoot it just an inch or two behind the shoulder. You want to get close to that shoulder, but not hit it. Too far back and you got guts and a wounded deer with a lot of tracking all day and the next day. Hit that shoulder and you are going to ruin meat.

Up and down (meaning vertically), your shot would ideally be below the middle of the body, about 2/3 the way down from the top of the deer's back. But a center hit vertically would be fine, too.

Just do NOT do a center hit left and right (meaning horizontally). The bullet will be too far back of the vitals. Instead, very important to get as CLOSE to the shoulder as you can without actually hitting the shoulder.

What you want, in my opinion, is for both lungs to be blown through. You want a hole through one side of the ribcage near the shoulder, and out the other side of the ribcage near the shoulder. When you gut the deer, the stomach and intestines will be intact, and the lung area be a bloody mess. And all the shoulder meat will be untouched.

If you hit the heart, great, but that sits just a tad low and forward, kinda partially blocked by the shoulder and elbow. When I say "shoulder", I'm including the shoulder bone that goes all the way down to the elbow.

When the deer isn't directly broadside to you, it gets harder. You have to change your point of aim so the bullet draws a line through th inside of what I've described.

Personally, I say just wait for the perfect broadside shot. Bowhunting teaches you that.

I'm not sure why anyone takes crazy ass shots at deer. I guess they are so desparate to shoot. Hunt the darn thing, get it into that perfect broadside position, then place your well aimed shot.
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