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Lady Glock, how's your back doing? Same question for you, Bob and Magnus. Bob, how did therapy go?

Originally Posted by sawgrass View Post
Lone_Wolfe it is so good to hear that you are having a good time despite the pain! Happy shopping, drinking, visiting and whatever else comes up that you want to do.

I went bra shopping last Friday on my way to an out of town gun show. I told the girl what I was looking for and she said I don't think that's the right size. I said 'well, it's what the tag says'. She is coming at me with her tape measure and I'm thinking 'oh crap'. I had on a tank and a hoodie. I pulled up the sweat shirt to keep her from grabbing anything. She got kinda pale and said, 'so I guess, you have a carry permit'. I said 'yes, I do'.

Have a great trip LW!
Thanks, I'm doing the best I can. Today's agenda included the pool, the jacuzzi, and Mexican food for dinner. That's about it.

Gun stories? You'd think this place was a gun forum!!!

Oh, wait......

I guess I'll tell about something that happened to me that's been bothering me for over a week now. The night before I started this trip I was cleaning out the safe that used to hold most of my guns when I had then. It also had other stuff in there that was stacked up on the floor. When the guns were taken out of there in 2009 I was overseas, so I didn't check befind to be sure no guns were missed. Turns out one was, a revolver.

I found it the night before I was riding to Mobile, then flying to Phoenix. A GT'er in Phoenix had seen a pic of this gun a while back, and really wanted it. I decided to take it with me, and offer it to him for a real good price. While I was in Mobile that plan changed abruptly, and then I didn't want to carry it out here. So I arranged to have it sent to a friend who lives near me. She has it now, but I don't know what's going to happen to it when I get home. Had I been thinking more clearly, I could probably have sold it right there in Mobile.

I was pretty upset when I found it, it was an unpleasant surprise. I don't want it in my house or around me.

Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post
I guess EVERY gun is big when you're scared.
No kidding. Want to know how big those AK's looked?
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