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Originally Posted by SCmasterblaster View Post
Really. How much expansion is needed when the bullet is already at .452 inches? The 9mm strives hard to expand to .45 caliber.
Not with modern ammo. 9mm JHPs can easily expand to greater than .50 caliber, with .60" not being uncommon and some instances of .70" in 147 grain HSTs. However, the best .45 JHPS can reach .8" with > .9" not being unheard of.

Also, a FMJ wound channel will not be the same diameter as the bullet that made it. They close in on themselves and will probably look more like an ice pick wound. With an FMJ or unexpanded bullet (even expanded ones sometimes), it will be next to impossible to tell what caliber bullet made the wound just from looking at the hole. I've read several reputable sources, including Mas Ayoob that verify this. It's not like on TV where the detective arrives at the crime scene takes one look at the body and says "Yep, they got him with a 9mm" or "holy ****, that's a .45."
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