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Perhaps it was +p in the HST 124, I could have sworn it was a +P+ load but maybe I am wrong. I can confirm that the Hydra Shock load I tested was not very impressive but that was a 115gr. I didn't chrono but I did test into water jugs, drywall ahead of water jugs, phone books and a couple of layers of denim over a hog. I just wanted to see for myself and this was out of a G26.

As I remember I tried all three weights in the Speer GD, all three in Ranger T but I don't think the 127 was out then, a Corbon 115 +P, Magtech in the 20 rd boxes at 115gr, remington bulk HP 115gr and a few other ones I had laying around.

Anyway, up to then I had often carried a 124 GD and was surprised to find that it seemed to plug and not really expand in the hog. To be honest, none except the HST and the 124 Ranger always penetrated and expanded somewhat. The Ranger 147 didn't expand for me in the pig as was the problem for a lot of rounds. A buddy of mine had been carrying the CorBon 115 +P because that was at one point the Mas Ayoob recommended load and it didn't measure up either with good but never great performance. We really should have video taped it all but the whole test thing was a pretty quick decision while looking at ammo at a gun show.

In the end we ran another couple of boxes of HST and Ranger through other guns like a G17, P99, 92FS, kahr/kel tec thing and the 147 HST always did pretty well. Ranger seemed to need more velocity when we shot out of his little gun but no matter what, it seemed like the 147gr HST always expanded and penetrated pretty well. P9HST2 is the code for the one we went with although there is a +p 147 HST out now, I've never tried it. I've ran the P9HST2 through all the guns I carry for function and point of aim/impact and regardless of what new stuff comes out, I'm happy with HST and still have about a case left. We bought 5k between us afterward and I could cry because it was less than a grand with taxes in late 06' which we thought was pretty darn expensive especially buying in bulk.

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