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Originally Posted by floorburn_21 View Post
I have been looking at the Kahr cm9 and cm40 (or pm) and at the cw40. I have held both and the cw is definitely a bit bigger. How practical would it be for pocket carry versus a cm40? Is there another .45 I should be looking at?
I have a Kahr PM9. I have carried it in my pocket using a Nemesis, or PJ pocket holster, but it pushes the limit on a pocket gun. In my opinion, the Kahr P380 and Ruger LCP are better pocket guns, for those occasions when you need deep concealment so you don't have to go unarmed.

The .45 is not really a pocket gun, though I'm sure some will say they have carried it that way. Compare it in size to your G27. It's not appreciably smaller. It is a tad thinner.

Good luck with your selection.
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