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Pocket gun advice

I just picked up my second AR and have filled most of the gaps in my wish list.

There are three things I've been wanting and in order they are:

Reliable pocket gun in a 9mm or bigger caliber
.45 ACP

If I could take out #1 and 3 on that list at once, bonus!

A bit of info: I carry every day, every where and sometimes my G27 (IWB) is impractical for the situation, but I deal with it and carry anyways.
I have been looking into a pocket gun for my days when I have to dress up, ect. While pocket draw isn't ideal, and neither is a 5 or 6 round mag, I'd feel a lot more comfortable with that than no gun.

I have been looking at the Kahr cm9 and cm40 (or pm) and at the cw40. I have held both and the cw is definitely a bit bigger. How practical would it be for pocket carry versus a cm40? Is there another .45 I should be looking at? Anybody have a preference? Thanks in advance for the help!
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