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As a side light to the 9mm/AK 47 -7.62x39 Wolf ammo. I bought 500 rounds of Wolf .45 ACP ammo for a combat training course back in 2006. We went through the majority of the ammo, and I might have had one or two failure to fire out of over 300+ rounds fired that day -if there was that- through a standard Glock 30. The course involved high rates of fire, multiple mag changes, and no cleaning the pistols till the course was finished. The ammo was dead on at all pistol ranges and fed like clockwork. I will use Wolf ammo anytime, and keep a store on hand always. The .45ACP shoots just a little hot -like Wolf's 9mm- and is a trifle dirty, but for that kind or reliability and cost? Not a problem. With the legendary stopping power of .45ACP ball ammo, I don't worry about using it for survival situations either.

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