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Originally Posted by dukeblue91 View Post
I totally agree with you in that those firefights are mostly in peoples minds and thoughts but the reality will play out much differently.
Concentrating on main supplies is way more important then having 20000 rounds of extra ammo.
The only reason I have more then a couple hundred rounds is that I think that they will make a great barter item and also may be restricted by the government.
I think that the reason so many preppers are so into the guns and ammo is because they already like them and they are already a hobby.
The idea of loosing our toys and the ability to shoot them is terrifying to us and thus why we stock up so much.
In reality it would have less to do with pure survival, and not to say that no one needs a certain amount to protect themselves and their family but having several gun battles with hundreds of rounds exchanged is highly unlikely for most people.

But as they saying goes it is better to have then to want.
Agreed. The most likely scenario is protecting yourself from looting, not engaging in a huge gun fight. That's good news, though, because a prepared realist is more likely to survive an encounter with looters on his/her property than in a larger scale gun fight.

I stock .223, 20 gauge, .45 and .22.

My new predicament involves the two antique rifles I currently have in my house - a 1917 Winchester chambered in 30-06 and a 1898 Springfield in 30-40 Krag. I'm wondering if it wouldn't be worth while to have a few hundred rounds of each, or buy more .223, 20 gaugae, .45 or .22.
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