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New and improved status !

I was officially releast from that ( BED ) , The 17th !
Got my first speeding ticket , ever , the 18th , 84 MPH in a 65 !
That there sword , I fully understand the physics , inertia and other forces at work here ! It's 98 CMS end to end and weighs
at most- 6 1/2 lbs. . Just by these forces , the energy can increase 10 fold !

Well , Ooouch ! I am so sore I can't believe it ?
Seems everything is going to plan.....!

PS: My shooting has much improved , that two story house , it's
over , I own it ! By next week-end , I might be down to a one story house....!
Up-date: Wow , been in this bed too long...! That would have been
the 14th Thursday and 15th Friday! Eeeeck ! I think I need that Wild Turkey after all........! Don't even know what day it is......Eeeeeck !

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