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went hunting out in west texas over the weekend and wanted to report back to this thread. I was set on a Hornady Interlock 165gr but ended up going with the tried and true Remington Core Lokt in 165. It was considerably less expensive and ive heard decent things about it.

I assumed spotting duties most of the weekend but decided to take a doe toward the end of the day. We spotted one walking toward the top of a ridge so i sighted it in and fired. I didnt realize exactly how far away it was at the time, i aimed at his head because it was walking but the bullet hit on her front shoulder dropping her immediately.

as it turns out, it was a little over 300 yards away once we walked it off, i was pretty impressed.

as most of you have stated, the 30-06 is more than enough caliber to take down a whitetail. most of the guys who were out with us were using a .270. The 165 Core Lokt made a clean entry and exit, didnt really blow any part of the deer apart leaving the meat intact.

thanks for the help
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