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TH237... "Do any of you wash the cases with soap and water to remove it? Perhaps there is a better way. If so please share."

Like "Alwaysshootin", I also tried that product years ago and like him I agree... Never again.

My process is a bit more cumbersome than most. Bottom line reloading is a Hobby for me, not a job, so I don't mind putting in the time to get the results that I want.

Short & sweet version, after you have de-primed your casings;

1st. put them in bucket with warm water & "Birchwood Casey Brass Cartridge Case Cleaner" (just follow the directions).
2nd. next spread them out on a towel, than I take a "Q-Tip" and swab out the primer pocket and the interior of the case itself.
3rd. Dump em in the tumbler (with corn media mix) & and squirt of "Nu-Finish" car/metal polish... 3 hrs later they come out like a brand new shinny penny both inside & out.

Makes inspection extremely through. Like I said my process in not for everyone but this is the way I conduct it for my standards.

Good luck & have fun

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