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Originally Posted by Toyman View Post
I've pondered running AC out there, but really don't want to dump that kind of cash right now, and I'm not sure what sized wire I would need. I know if I bury this wire I'll probably need to replace it at some point, but I'm hoping it will last until I either get a better wireless setup or they get better data speeds on the cell towers here.

If you are going to run power (110V) out there and your run is over 300', here are some suggestions to make this work reliably.

Don't run copper, run an OSP (Outside Plant) fiber optic cable. Use fiber/LAN baluns to convert to copper so it can interface with your equipment.

The use of fiber will also eliminate possible electric shock from the long 110V line and there being a difference of ground potentials from the source end and the outlying buildings.

Just to let you know, I am a retired electrician with over 43 years experience, the last 1/2 of my career was specializing in design & project management of low voltage system, particularly voice and data communications networks.
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