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Originally Posted by Central Texan View Post
I got my first Jeep 2 weeks ago. It's a 2009. Still stock, but that will change in a month or two.

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Nice ride there. Just a word of caution: I would take the build up slow, having watched many jump into projects that never got completely finished and left the vehicle somewhat dangerous or illegal to drive on the open road.

I suggest you really take some time an learn with what you have in the way of stock equipment before you start. I loved driving the stock Jeep just as much as what I have created now.

I know without a doubt WHY I made the changes to what I did and I didn't skimp because I knew the issues I wanted to solve for me, and not the Jeep.

As I get older (over 60) the only regret (if that is what it is) I am thinking of bringing the Jeep from a 4.5 RE lift down to 3.5" as it is getting harder for the wife and I get in. This too was considered as I built it up 7 years ago.

I believe looking at the issues you'll encounter off road with what you have will help you make better decisions when given the oppotunity to think through what you want to accomplish in the buildup.

And remember, the more euip you add, the bigger and better you get, just gets you stuck! farther/deeper down the harder trail.

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