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Originally Posted by samurairabbi View Post
We're on it, Unkle. Be ready to give me cover from Tazz's wrath if my doubletalk ... Whoops! ... I mean, my comprehensive administrative explanation ... is not sufficient to get me out of this one!
If you don't want to experience the Wrath 'O Tazz you better get your *** to work producing brew to fix the sobering situation around here!

Now, i realize since the Lagoon Girls are so perky they don't need filter media and so we don't have a regular steady supply... but, if you guys were kick'n up fresh parties like you are supposed to be, we would have plenty. And, since we are so behind, i propose we start a new 10 Ring party tradition. If we take whatever stock we have and "creatively" hang them in the Beer Sauna from "whatever", it will motivate all the girls to contribute to the decor by taking theirs and tossing them up to hand off whatever they can, thus giving us a regular and inexhaustible supply of all sizes, shapes, etc. Plus, it will be FUN! Oh, and send all those questionable pictures to me... ya know... for inspection and review... and i'll let you know if they are ok and if i approve... and stuff....
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