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Originally Posted by tantrix View Post
I did. But, everyone wanted bait so I served some up. Hell, I wasn't even in my pajamas when I posted the belt...I was still at work
But the belt is not yours as has been proved time and time again

I don't need anyone here to believe me. GT is not a LEO forum, and Cop Talk is a subforum with no requirement to be vetted (and I also don't talk here anyway) so why would I provide something I'm not obligated to? If you want to see people with something to the regulars here, not me.

Yeah but they can atleast prove what they say

I said I didn't work for an agency in that jurisdiction...I was in the courthouse providing testimony for an entirely different matter.
Someone asked about the surrounding counties and you said no to all of them.

So there you were chilling in your superman costume at the court house when you got the call over your radio about a shooting taking place. But wouldn't your radio be tuned to your dispatch and your county.

I know you can have multiple agencies on your radio but if you don't live near there why would you have that agency.
Hell my brother works for Henry County SO and is a task force officer attached to a alaphabet agency and doesn't even have that many agencies on his radio just GSP, Henry SO, Mcdonough Pd (where his wife works), and Henry PD.

By the way everyone I work for santa clause
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