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Originally Posted by dac1204 View Post
I do not really care if you are a cop and are trying to pull the wool over everyones eyes. If you did not want to release any info then why not just say so and leave it at that.
I did. But, everyone wanted bait so I served some up. Hell, I wasn't even in my pajamas when I posted the belt...I was still at work

Originally Posted by dac1204 View Post
Why keep posting fake pictures and egging everyone on? No one will ever believe you again even if you are real. That may not matter to you but it sure does to me and a lot of other people.
I don't need anyone here to believe me. GT is not a LEO forum, and Cop Talk is a subforum with no requirement to be vetted (and I also don't talk here anyway) so why would I provide something I'm not obligated to? If you want to see people with something to the regulars here, not me.

Originally Posted by dac1204 View Post
You say you were there that day the shooting took place but then you said that you do not work any where around there.
I said I didn't work for an agency in that jurisdiction...I was in the courthouse providing testimony for an entirely different matter.
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