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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
Even the inventor of carbon-14 dating knew there was a saturation point. You're simply trying to dance around the questions. Nice try... but you'd better hurry up and google again. Better luck with your renewed search.

ETA: I asked you two, yes or no questions.

Are you a supporter of the carbon-14 dating methodology?


Do you know if the Earth's atmosphere has reached the saturation point of carbon-14 yet?
Never heard anyone even bring this up.

Here's my 2 questions: where's the evidence that the atmosphere is or is not saturated yet. What's the relevance of whether the atmosphere is or is not saturated to carbon-14 dating.

If you're feeling generous, you can even explain what you think saturation of the atmosphere with regards to carbon-14 actually is. Define it, explain how you would determine what the saturation point is. How saturated with C14 is the atmosphere now?


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