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I've used the skateboard tape on the grip and slide of my Glocks and find that if you are carrying concealed with that on the grip many times it will wear on your clothing. You will see the fabric wear where the grip comes in contact with it.

I recommend it only on the smallest of handguns but have switched to a similar tape only made of rubber and not silica for the adhesion properties. It is an industrial product that is mainly used on stairs. Hard to find and usually comes in a larger rolls than you would want.

I think that Talon offers both the silica and rubber grips now but I'm not sure about that one.

The rubber is easier on the hands, according to my wife, than the silica and if it wears out, with the roll it's no big deal to use the old grip as a pattern.

I have the rubber grip tape on all my Glock shooters as well as pieces on the slide and the underside of the trigger guard where I place my left index finger.
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