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Originally Posted by concretefuzzynuts View Post
I've been called a noob, nube and have taken my hazing.

I've been a member almost a year now and I was recently insulted by a month old GTer. I don't like randomly calling anyone names but so wanted to label this guy a noob.

When is someone not a noob? Nube?

I defer to the entrenched GTer's for the correct protocol.
You have to meet one of the following criteria to lose your "noob" status on GT:

1) Hit 20,000+ posts
2) Have over 5 years of posting under your belt
3) Post drunk at least once in a manner that results in something you said becoming a GT "Micro-meme"
4) Spill your guts over a personal relationship that has no business being on the internet and ask the GT brain-trust for their advise on the matter (you get extra credit for this if you whine in such a manner as to completely lay waste to any semblence of manhood you once had)
5) Go on at least three different incoherent rants that are so outlandish as to make even folks like PeaceWarrior scratch their heads
6) Carry out some form of dark ritual or quest that involves carrying concealed at WalMart or Taco Bell

There are more ways that I am sure some of the GT old-timers would be willing to share!

Make yourselves sheep and the wolves will eat you. - Benjamin Franklin

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