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Originally Posted by Aceman View Post
Still - as you point out: Suppressors, SBR's, FA.... While all useful, let's be honest; The fun factor at the moment FAR outweighs any "usefulness" of those things since the S has not hit the F.
The fun factor is high during non-SHTF, BUT......

If you have a rifle you can not really take it to a shelter without EVERYONE knowing you have a rifle. With the correct SBR, you can have a conversation with an Anti and they never even know it is in the bag.

Have you ever been hunting and see two animals you would want to kill and known that the other will be gone as soon as you take the first shot? The suppressor can help with that.

Same thing but with humans coming to get you.

Full auto is hard for me to justify. It only really works if you have an unlimited supply of ammo. OR it is a last ditch effort before you are overrun.

Then again I have not found the perfect platform. I think I could design it, but it currently is not on the market.
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