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Although it is no longer my primary bank, I stay with them for a little mad money account. As long as I don't use a teller, I get free ATM and free checking. They're great when I'm overseas because of their extensive free ATM network. I used to have a credit card with them, and they were quick to cancel it when it was compromised. I appreciate that.

They have gone up on fees, so I just make sure I use their no fee services, which are numerous.

Their customer service to me has been superb, and believe me, it is a comfort to walk up to an ATM in London, Paris or Rome, even on a Sunday, and get service in English and local currency at a great rate of exchange with no service fees. Plus, I can order foreign currency on line and have it waiting for me at my local branch before I leave.

The only trouble I had was with a withdrawal in London, which they double-debited me on. A ten minute phone call when I got back solved that with no questions asked.

I use another bank for daily needs because I got a better deal, but, as long as there's no service charge, I'll keep my little travel account open.
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